For our guests — a garden feature with a difference

Boule / Pétanque Boule / Pétanque Boule / Pétanque

Boules/pétanque pitch (18 metres)

A pastime that Germans appreciate more and more. Boules in the park or on holiday is growing in popularity – and an accompanying glass of wine does not go amiss. Many people start playing boules because they stop in the park to watch a game and ask what it’s all about, what the rules are …. And it isn’t long before they are asked to join in. After that, the first ten bowls determine whether the newcomer thanks the others for letting him play and bids farewell, never to return, or carries on playing and, at a late hour, asks where he can get a decent set of bowls.

That, then, is the starting point for an interesting game, which you can try out in our garden.