The “freshness” of summer or winter may be a hopelessly old-fashioned idea, yet it is still possible to experience it today. It conveys a picture of restful holidays in the countryside –

or in a small hotel in the Bavarian Forest, where you can discover a completely different world of seemingly endless, carefree days. Far away from everything, in the middle of Germany’s largest national park, the Bavarian Forest, and the Bohemian Forest, in a broad, valley conservation area of magical beauty. A forest from days of yore! The fragrance of rare flowers, the smell of the woods. The burbling of crystal clear streams. The silence of the mountains.

Enjoy the luxury of freedom and the select atmosphere at the delightful Sportel Hotel.

It often seems that, nowadays, people attach more importance to action than motivation. We believe motivation is more important. Motivation is what powers life, and drives everything we do.

“Whether you rush or take your time, the way will always be the same.”
(Chinese proverb)