You can choose from a selection of 20 teas supplied by Mariage Frères and a range of English teas.

And of course, we have coffee too: organic coffee, Nespresso coffee and filter coffee (Dallmayr Prodomo, Darboven Idee coffee).

We will be pleased to serve you a hot Swiss chocolate if you prefer.


Orange and grapefruit juice
Apple juice, tomato juice, buttermilk
Cured and boiled hams, salami and cheese
Bread rolls, wholemeal bread, toast
Butter, a small selection of honeys and jams
Cornflakes and a selection of mueslis
Curd cheese and fruit yoghurts
Fruit salad and fresh fruit
Dried fruit

Frühstück Frühstück Frühstück
We will also be pleased to serve the following at your table:

Bavarian sausage specialities,
liver sausage, “teewurst”
Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs,
fried eggs or omelette with ham and bacon